Argos - Portraits of a beginning

Argos, the drug consumption room located in Strasbourg, opened in early November 2016 in the city’s old Civil Hospital. Created and managed by the Ithaque Association and present in Strasbourg since 1993, it aims to enable users to consume in good conditions while supervised by staff. It is a link in the chain of care. This space allows for a certain proximity to the action itself, in order to prevent risks.
Less controversial than in Paris, Argos still remains more or less unknown and remains a source of questions for residents. I went to meet and observe both users and staff, in order to bring forward an eye witness account of the early days and setting up of this center. For several weeks, I shared their daily life. They accepted me, on the sole conditions that they were never recognisable in the images and that the photos were never taken of an action to consume. So I made portraits of the hands of my various contacts in Argos: staff and users. Hands are like a second face. When isolated, they say so much, and all while protecting their identity and tranquility. Hands are a protection. But an opening to the world, too.
For each triptych: LEFT : staff, CENTER : room, RIGHT : users